Yvie Burnett is not only a mezzo soprano who has sung as a
soloist with many major European opera companies, but a
singing teacher who has been behind the development of
singers across many of the UK and US top singing and
talent shows of the last decade.

Yvie has become known through her work on Series 2-6
of the X Factor and X Factor -Battle of the Stars,
and her devotion to shoes, singing and Tweeting.

Yvie recently launched her own Facebook page and if you want to keep up with her recent TV appearances or get information about the new Vocal Masterclasses she’ll be launching at the end of the year, “Like” it here.

Currently Yvie is in Toronto working on CBC’s production of “Over The Rainbow”

This year started with Yvie as vocal coach on The Voice UK. She has recently been working on the auditions for Series 2 which airs in 2013.

This Summer, she helpedLord Andrew Lloyd-Webber find the leading man for his new production of “Jesus Christ Superstar” on ITV’s show, “Superstar” and worked with the principal singers in the run up to the opening night at the O2 at the end of September.

Yvie was vocal coach for three seasons of America’s Got Talent between 2009 and 2011 and it’s proof of her abilities that the winners of each of those seasons have been singers, Kevin Skinner, Michael Grimm and Landau Murphy.

Yvie first worked on XFactor as Louis Walsh’s team vocal coach in Series 2 of XFactor, where she coached Shayne Ward to win the show.

As her gift for making singers improve throughout the course of these shows became known by the other judges, she eventually became vocal coach for all the X Factor judges’ Finalists.

Because of her work in X Factor, Yvie was hired to be the vocal coach for Britain’s Got Talent.

During her time on the show, she coached Paul Potts, Connie Talbot, Faryl Smith and most famously, Susan Boyle.

Yvie’s vocal coaching techniques have also made her a personal favourite of Lord Andrew Lloyd-Webber, who hired to work with him on his search to find the UK’s Eurovision representative (Your Country Needs You) and then to work on his musical, Love Never Dies. Yvie continues to work with The Lord, most recently on the 25th Anniversary Performances of Phantom of the Opera.

Yvie’s ability to work as a vocal physiologist, mean that she is often asked to fly to work with singers around the world to troubleshoot singers with vocal health problems.

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